Thursday, 12 April 2012

Citizens of Homs, "If the army leaves Homs, we will also leave Homs"


  1. This is the original video, please use it.

  2. The West wants Assad to withdraw all forces, so that Western-backed terrorists may have free reign, and so the Syrian masses will blame Assad for abandoning them. On 14 Apr 2012 the UN Security Council said it will send thirty “observers” to Syria to help with the propaganda campaign against Assad. No matter what those “observers” see, and no matter who fires on them, everything will be blamed on Assad. Russia and China were stupid to agree to this -- but then, Russia and China have never been friends of Syria. Assad’s only true friends are Iran, Hezbollah, Hugo Chavez, and Daniel Ortega. Even Hamas has turned against Assad, and has cast its lot with the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas previously turned against Qaddafy, who –along with Assad – have been the Palestinians’ only true friends in the Arab world. To hell with Hamas. They deserve their slavery.